Statement About the Metro Accident in Izmir (Video)

A Statement Has Been Made Regarding The Metro Accident In Izmir: One of the wagons of the metro operating in Izmir was overturned. Some passengers were injured in the tipping wagon.
A wagon full of passengers was overturned in the accident that occurred in the Izmir Metro this morning. Some passengers were injured in the accident. It was stated that the wagon was overturned as a result of a container being loaded by sliding.
The accident occurred at the Metro Regional Station location. The subway train, full of citizens going to work in the morning, set off from Fahrettin Altay. Upon arrival at the Regional Station, a container that fell onto the rails during loading in the adjacent storage area hit the subway car. Some passengers were injured in the tipping wagon.
According to preliminary determinations, there is no one who died or was seriously injured in the accident. Slightly injured people were taken to Ege University Medical Faculty Hospital with lifeguards.
İzmir Metro General Manager Sönmez Alev said that a carrier crane dropped the container in the line at 07.50 when the subway train passed, in the container park next to the Regional station. Stating that the first wagon of the subway train going to the Evka-3 route with the crash of the container, Alev said, “Our passengers were slightly injured. Outpatient treatments were carried out by our healthcare teams. Passengers were evacuated. Other subway sets coming from Fahrettin Altay direction worked until the Sanayi Station. From here, we carried our passengers to Evka-3 and Bornova direction with ESHOT buses. We will remove the raking wagon after Emniyet has finished its work on the incident. In order to prevent interruptions in transportation, we started to fly from 08.30:XNUMX on a single line mutually.



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