World's First Underground Metro Tunnel Celebrates 141 Age

World's First Underground Underground Tunnel 141 Celebrates Age: World's first underground underground Tunnel, 141. celebrated his age. 1875, which was put into service in 141, was celebrated with the celebration of the XNUMX year.
The Karaköy Tunnel is the first to connect between Karaköy and Beyoğlu. celebrated his age. With the participation of IETT General Manager Mumin Kahveci, the citizens showed great interest as well as the IETT administration. IZT General Manager Mumin Kahveci said that Tünel has been providing uninterrupted service since 141 January 17.'T 1875. we celebrate the year. Launched at 141 January 17, Tünel has been providing uninterrupted service to Istanbul residents ever since. A system that connects the entertainment center and the commercial center. Features as a first in the world. Before that, such a system was put into service in London, but its cross-sections are very different from ours. The system in London faced enormous challenges when they wanted to renew their infrastructure to increase passenger capacity. Since our tunnel sections have the standards of our new metros, we are not faced with a large passenger crowd so far, nor are we having any problems in transporting passengers, Bizim he said.
Mumin Kahveci, who gave information about the properties of the tunnel, said: veren 12 is a short and highly functional tunnel that connects two points with educational difference. 20 is the day we carry the thousand passengers. The service frequency is very different from its peers. Two trains are able to switch simultaneously. 2 is our travel time under two minutes and we are doing our services with two stations. X
The program, which started with the opening speech, visited the 'Time Tunnel' exhibition of İETT photos from the past to the end, after the special money distribution, photo shoot and sahlep catering.
The tunnel subway, which runs between Galata and Pera, runs around an average of 181 averaging 15 a day and runs a risk of zero accidents. The number of passengers in the tunnel, called Istanbul Tunnel, is estimated to be as high as 5,5 by the various names such as Istanbul Tunnel, Galata-Pera Tunnel, Galata Tunnel, Galata-Pera Underground Train, Istanbul City Train, Underground Elevator and Tahtelarz.

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