Warnings for İzmir Bay Crossing Bridge-Tunnel Project

Warnings for İzmir Bay Transit Bridge-Tunnel Project: Aegean Industrialists and Businessmen Association (ESİAD) Chamber of Architects İzmir Branch Chairman Hasan Topal was hosted.
Topal, ESİAD Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mustafa Guclu, Board of Directors and members of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications project prepared the İzmir Gulf Crossing Bridge-Tunnel project and other projects in the city announced their views on. Hasan Topal, Izmir Bay Transition project to be made within the length of the 800 meter and the artificial island of approximately 200 meters in the bay will have a negative impact on the in-house currents and water circulation.
Topal stated that İzmir Gulf Transition Project is not included in any of the Plans, Master Plans and Transportation Plans of İzmir. Stating that Izmir has another important agenda, Topal said, u İzmir Bay is fighting for life. In order to ensure circulation, studies should be started and screening for the port approach needs to be accelerated. This is very important for the city will be prevented to be circulated production. The representatives of the company who prepared the project stated that the bridge feet and the artificial island would constitute a significant obstacle to the water circulation. S
Topal, the final version of the project, which was announced to the public in the wetland, natural structure, is natural, indicating that the Izmir Gulf Transition Project, connection roads, intersections and bridge fillings and feet are designed within the boundaries of the wetland (Ramsar) buffer zone and within the boundaries of the first degree natural protected area. and that the population of birds will have a direct negative impact on the feeding areas. Topal söyl We said that this project is a serious vital problem for İzmir Bay. When this kind of decision was made about the Gulf, which is the most important value of İzmir, we suggested to consider another goose. We wanted to be treated with a little more caution because of the negative effects of the foot of the bridge and artificial island and other productions, Bird Paradise and wetlands. Kö
The project will be cost 3,5 billion TL, but later this figure will increase to 5 billion TL resources should be used rationally said Topal. Topal al If this way is done, let's forget about İzmir Bird Sanctuary, Narlıdere and İnciraltı. The project is based on forests, green areas and wetlands. We start to discuss the developments in the development and construction. Ours is a warning ... What problem does this city complain? This way he will increase the problems in this way a fold more. Our matter is a priority. The most livable city is the way of rail systems, passing by the sea. Sağlık It's the time we spend going from school to school, to work, to the healthcare facility. Ev
Topal said that priority transportation projects can be carried out in Izmir at a cost of 3,5 billion TL of Izmir Bay Crossing. Topal, “Üçyol, Bozyaka, Yağhane, Buca, DEU campus metro line (9 km), Halkapınar, Çamdibi, Bus terminal metro line (4 km), Evka 3, Bornova center, Manavkuyu, Bayraklı A total of 7 kilometers of metro lines can be constructed with the metro line (6 km), Konak, Alsancak, Liman back, Halkapınar metro line (30 km), which will be formed with the revision of the transportation master plan, and a new 60 kilometer metro line that will be formed with the revision of the transportation master plan in the center. In addition, 6 ferry piers, 20 different fast capacity, comfortable passenger ferries in different capacities, 5 new generations of cars with a capacity of 80-100 vehicles can be realized.
Topal stated that Konak Tunnel was not a cure for Buca's traffic problem. Top Üçyol-Buca Tınaztepe Campus has a metro project. The 70 of this subway tunnel was drilled with the money spent on the mansion tunnel. Buca's traffic problem is in the district center. There is a problem with transportation to the campus. Mansion tunnel was built. Other tunnels were invited. But when the metro line of Üçyol-Tınaztepe campus is built, Buca's problem of access to Izmir City Center will be solved to cover the next 100 year. This is the right way to stop when we call the Konak tunnel, "he said.




    1. When you get in your car from Northern Izmir, it is possible to reach Çeşme within 1 hour by highway. also KarşıyakaTransportation by sea from Çiğli, Bostanlı to İnciraltı and the motorway connection from here are very practical. Therefore, it is unnecessary to force nature. Instead of this investment, it is much more appropriate to invest in the Edremit and Çanakkale pillars of the motorway and the Çanakkale bridge. If Izmir terrorist pretext if the e asked to be given a service in the true sense of Izmir and Istanbul the destinations of issuing Cruise firms instead of the same quality to serve domestic cruise company founded Turkey-Greece-Aegean island of Cyprus and to the safe harbor in the eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea a system that will make tourist services to the ports must be installed. The most important stops of this system, which can be developed jointly with Greece, will be Istanbul-Thessaloniki and Athens, especially in IZMIR.