Snowfall in Uludağ Has Begun

Snowfall Restarts in Uludag. Snowfall has restarted in Uludag, which has lost snow due to its effective lodos.

Snowfall has restarted in Uludağ, which suffered a loss of profit due to the effective lodos. Worried about the melting, the hotel operators took a breath with the resumption of snowfall.

According to the information received from the meteorological authorities, the snowfall that started at the summit continues at intervals. With the precipitation, the snow thickness again reached 60 centimeters. It was stated that there will be no snow in the next 2 days in Uludağ, where the air temperature is minus 5 degrees.

On the other hand, the snowfall that struck the tourists at the summit went down to the skirts of Uludağ.