No Snow Left in Uludağ, Tradesmen are in Difficult Situation

Uludag The snow in Kalmar, Tradesmen's hard durumda.türkiye 'White Heaven Uludag described as the expected snow, and not a result of a canceled their reservations for vacationers trades crying blood.

Although the ski season started at the hotels in Uludağ, one of the important centers of winter tourism, it was disappointing due to the absence of expected snow and cancellation of reservations. Hotel owners have hoped for the semester break in Uludağ, where skiing can not be done on the slopes due to melting snow.


In Uludağ, where rock lovers describe it as 'White Paradise', there is a shortage of snow. In Uludağ, where most of the reservations were canceled as a result of late snowfall expected before the New Year, the same problem continued after the new year. In Uludağ, where snow thickness decreases from 85 to 55 centimeters due to Lodos, snow can not be made, but even a sled, as a result of snow melting on the tracks.


The owners of the hotel, who explained that there is a busy day with the holidaymakers who come to Uludağ on weekends, said, “Our trouble is really big. We had a big disappointment in the New Year. Now our only hope; Package program to be done during the semester break. "If it snows, we will be more comfortable."


There are nearly 6 hotels and guesthouses in Uludağ with a total capacity of 6500 thousand 30 beds. Approximately 1500 people work in these facilities.