Forest mansions compete with hotels in Uludağ

In Uludağ, forest pavilions rivaled the hotels: Wooden houses built by the Nature Conservation National Parks 500nd Regional Directorate competed with the hotels in Uludağ, where the accommodation costs per person was up to 2 lira.

Wooden houses, called 'forest mansions', are rented for 200 lira per night. Visitors to Uludağ show great interest in the 75 forest mansions built last year in Çobankaya and Sarıalan regions. Those who come to Uludağ for a day or want to spend their weekend holiday in a different place prefer forest mansions with dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, water heaters and televisions. There is a double bedroom on the upper floor of the duplex wood forest mansions designed for a family of 4. In the living room on the lower floor of the mansion, two people can sleep comfortably in the sitting group. While the kitchen and the living room are located on the same floor, the bedroom was built upstairs for citizens to both enjoy the view and relax. While the forest pavilions are heated by the electrical system, holidaymakers only take their food with them. Forest mansions are booked months in advance.

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