The same claim in TÜVASAŞ's recruitment

The same claim in TÜVASAŞ's recruitment of workers: After the announcement of the procurement of labor procurement in TÜVASAŞ, the influx of applicants took place. As in the case of the applications made through ISKUR, this year 's address transfer' claim came up.
Turkey Wagon Industries Inc. General Directorate (TÜVASAŞ), shortly before 27 permanent workers would be taken to the factory and announced that applications should be made via TEO.
Since then there has been an influx of applicants in İŞKUR. The 'address transfer' claim raised every year about the applications came up this year. Some people applied to the factory looking for the 'live in Sakarya' requirement to carry the residence addresses in Sakarya claimed to have been transported.
The Sakarya people who applied to this claim 'Sakarya young people unfair. TÜVASAŞ this issue should take a hand 'he reacted.
A citizen who sent a complaint letter on the subject expressed his reaction:
Acak Tüvasaş plant will be recruiting personnel in the coming days. We just went to ISKUR to get information with friends. We witnessed the conversation of approximately 10 and they try to intercept the young friends in Sakarya by changing the address from outside the city. Before the 1 year, 45 contacted TUVASAS for the recruitment of employees and their applications were accepted.
Address change is tolerated. He was an 10 person that I and my friends saw today. Imagine how many people will resort to such unfair means until the end of the application?
If TÜVASAŞ General Directorate will take a step on the issue, it is a matter of curiosity TÜ


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