TÜSODER Carries Highway and Bridge Passage to Judgment

TÜSODER has brought highway and bridge tolls to the judiciary: TÜSODER, 3, applied to the Istanbul Regional Administrative Court for the cancellation of the bridge and motorway hikes, which came into force in January and with a total of 38 in total.
The Consumer Problems Association (TÜSODER) applied to the Istanbul Regional Administrative Court for the cancellation of bridges and highways with a total of 3, which came into force in January and the discounts were canceled.
Making a statement in front of the President of the Court TÜSOD Aydin Agaoglu, "Directorate General of Highways, 5 times the rate of inflation, which was declared Turkey Statistical Institute and has raised the toll bridge. We couldn't be insensitive to this pause. In fact, tens of thousands of consumers went to our jurisdiction and asked us to cancel it. " said.
Ağaoğlu said that the Legal Problems of the Association of Consumer Problems examined the hikes. We're here today to sue for the cancellation of this hike. Because while collecting taxes from us, we will return to you as road, water, electricity. Taxation is sacred is' sacred 'understanding from the logic of the merchant today we are faced with an understanding of other expenses to earn money.' Said.
Ağaoğlu said, ın It is foreseen that the wage increase on the bridges and highways in the highways of the highways should not be more than the Producer Price Index. The November PPI rate is also the 5 spot odd. In other words, a time exceeding 5,5 is against its own regulation. Hike percent around 38-40. They got a 20 discount. There was a hike around 18. In total, the raise was 38. Our case is demanded to stop execution. Because we believe that the cost of hundreds of thousands and millions of vehicle owners will have to be stopped as soon as the counterparty's defense or judiciary will examine the file. Otherwise, if the vehicle owners are forced to apply to Consumer Arbitration Committees for these overpaid charges, the Consumer Arbitration Boards will remain under millions of applications. Aksi

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