The Traffic Trouble in the Railway Station Becomes a Property

The traffic troubles in the train station cost a little. The train crossing between the train station and the state hospital in Manisa, the passage of trains and traffic jams due to the closure of the road during the changes in the troubles, drives the drivers.
The traffic jam in the road crossing between the train station and the state hospital in Manisa, due to the passage of the trains and the closure of the road during the scissor changes, drives the drivers in disrepair. An ambulance waiting on the level crossing by playing the sirens could not enter the hospital for a long time.
For years, the trauma that has become the bleeding wound of Manisa State Hospital between Manisa State Hospital in the passage of traffic is continuing. Due to a freight train attempting to change the train at the railway station in the evening hours, long queues occurred on Halil Erdoğan Street. Due to the prolonged change of scissors, some vehicle owners stopped their engines and some drivers tried to maneuver back and go from different routes to their destination. Reacting to the situation of the drivers, officials as soon as possible to take care of this problem.
An ambulance waiting in the queue due to the closure of the road at the crossing was also waiting for a long time to enter the Manisa State Hospital. The driver of the ambulance, who was ringing his sirens, asked the train station staff for help. Authorities took the ambulance in the first place, after the passage of the train as soon as the tantans lifted the ambulance passed. The ambulance waiting for a long time entered the hospital with difficulty. Traffic jams in the crossing of the level crossing the traffic lasted approximately 30 minutes. Citizens witnessing the situation in the state of Manisa State Hospital is very close to the railway station, stating that in any emergency, the ambulances were forced to enter the hospital said. Citizens wanted to hear the voices of the authorities to hear a moment before the unwanted.

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