Trams Medicated Against Flu Epidemic in Eskişehir (Video)

Trams Infected Against Influenza Outbreak in Eskişehir: Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality has done spraying and cleaning work on trams against the flu epidemic that has increased in recent weeks.
Metropolitan Municipality Eskişehir Light Rail System Operations (ESTRAM) has taken action on the increase of infectious diseases for the trams used by approximately 110 thousand people every day. A research was carried out to prevent the formation of microbes in the areas used by citizens to hold on in the trams, especially the seats and handles. As a result of the research, it was decided that the application of the germ shield, which provides 90 days of protection, would be beneficial. A report was also requested from Eskişehir Osmangazi University for the application of Disease (Grem Defender), which was approved by Istanbul Technical University with its reports. After the report was positive, it was decided to apply the disinfection.
ESTRAM officials had the application of protective application for 90 days in all trams. The trams were sprayed and cleaned by teams wearing special clothes at the ESTRAM Maintenance Workshop after the trips were over. With the 'Protection Shield' drug application, 33 trams were protected against type A influenza virus (including swine flu), ringworm, mold, fungus and many bacteria and viruses for 90 days.



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