Konak Tram Reaches To Göztepe

Konak Tramway Arrived to Göztepe: Fahrettin Altay Square in ZMİR - 12.7 km route between Konak and Halkapınar, 19 stop and 21 car to serve the Konak Tramway laying work up to the Göztepe Overpass.

3'er minutes at peak hours, 4-5 will run at intervals of time, density at the Fahrettin Altay Square, along with Konak Tram line starting from the marketplace; Şehit Binbaşı, where the tax office is located, will take to the beach following the official Tufan Street.
In Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard, two separate lines as land and sea side, without interfering to traffic and 3 going-3 will continue as an additional green strip without disturbing the continuity of the highway traffic. The line under the Göztepe Overpass will continue along the coast.


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