In the High Speed ​​Train Project, Izmir is still at an end

In the High Speed ​​Train Project, İzmir is still close to the end: Minister of Transport Binali Yildirim said that a person who departed from Izmir by high-speed train could take care of his business in Ankara and Istanbul and return to the evening.
Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binalı Yıldırım pointed out that the Ankara-İzmir High Speed ​​Line Project is as important as the İstanbul-İzmir highway project. Noting that the time will be shorter when Manisa enters the project, which will reduce the distance between İzmir and Ankara from 13 hours to 3,5 hours, Yıldırım said, “Our high-speed trains enter from Ankara as a route and use the Istanbul and Konya line up to Polatlı. He leaves Polatlı and goes to Afyonkarahisar. Work continues in this section. The second phase of the project is the Afyon-Uşak section. The third stage is Uşak-Manisa and İzmir. Therefore, the tenders of these segments will start in 2. "The train will have landed in Salihli, Turgutlu, Manisa and Izmir."
Noting that someone who sets off from Izmir or Manisa will first go to Ankara and then go to Istanbul, Yıldırım said, “He will be able to do his job in Istanbul and return to Manisa and Izmir. All this will be possible within 8 hours. Before the day is completed, we will have visited our 3 major cities. So you can do business in 3 different cities in a day. By reaching these places with the comfort of a high speed train. This shows that Turkey is a big project where you came from. It is a costly project. We will do this. We have some work on the high-speed train. Our goal is to try to complete it within this period, ”he said.
Service schedules
Stating that they did not think of Manisa and Izmir separately, Yıldırım continued his words as follows: “Manisa and İzmir are almost intertwined with each other. Every day, 15 thousand people go from Izmir to Manisa, from Manisa to Izmir to work. Therefore, we think the same to Manisa and Izmir. Our Manisa deputies are working hard on this issue. Our first issue in our country is peace and tranquility. Once our nation is one and together, there is no problem we cannot overcome.
AK Party has carried out good projects in many parts of our country. On 2 November, the citizen supported us by far. 50 percent support is not seen in any democratic country in the world in a 5-month period. 5 months were enough for our citizens to see the truth. The people of Manisa did their duty. Now the task is ours. Citizens took the burden off them, now we have the burden.
We will bear this burden. In the AK Party, service is different, politics is different. All our citizens will benefit from the services. In this sense, we will provide all services to Manisa, İzmir and our country. "

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