Opening of the Skiing Season in Lebanon

Ski Season in Lebanon Opened: Cedars Ski Center in the north of Lebanon, one of the few winter tourism centers in the Middle East, opened its doors after the heavy snowfall in the past weeks.

The ski slopes of Cedars, the oldest ski resort in the country, located on the hills of the Lebanon Mountains at an altitude of 120 thousand meters, about 2 kilometers from the capital Beirut, have been filled with ski lovers after heavy snowfall in the past weeks.

The ski slopes which are reached by passing through the Kadişa valley, which houses the cedar trees of the symbol of Lebanon, offer unique nature views to its visitors. Lebanese and foreign skiers who know the opportunity at the end of the weekend, the ski lifts in the ski lifts formed a density.

In addition to the jump from the ramps of the experienced skiers on the Cedars, as well as the decline of various maneuvers by the novice skiers, colored images were created.

According to information received from the Meteorology, Turkey under the influence of the cold weather and snow in the ski centers of the snow depth reached Lebanon in the coming days is expected to further increase.