Studying skiing on Yıldıztepe

The students are provided with ski training at Yıldıztepe: 50 students from Gazi University School of Physical Education and Sports take practical ski training at Yıldıztepe Ski Center.

Gazi University Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, and Çankırı Ski Trainers Association President Assoc. Dr. Yildiz, AA correspondent, said the students had a good training area for the students said.

Half of the students stated that they work with academicians, iler Our students will take ski training under the supervision of academics about 1 week here. I think it would be very useful in terms of improving skiing information, Kayak he said.

Yıldıztepe voicing the runway at Ski Centers are eligible to kayaksever Half of all levels, "Yıldıztepe one of Turkey's major ski resorts. Skiers at all levels can come here and ski. There are also slopes suitable for new learners. For this reason, students prefer here. Bu

Stating that students have been studying at Yıldıztepe Ski Center on Ilgaz Mountain for half a year, Öğ Ilgaz Mountain is the perfect place. Many students from Gazi University, Afyon Kocatepe University have been doing their lessons here for years. Living in the nature of happiness to live in happiness Doğ he said.