Ski season started at Siverek Karacadağ Ski Center

Siverek Karacadağ Ski Center ski season opened: Turkey's Sanliurfa Siverek 1919 the warmest city's altitude ski season opened in Karacadağ Ski Resort.

Many people flocked to Karacadağ, which is 45 kilometers from Siverek, with the opening of the ski season. Those who came to Karacadağ from the provinces of the region had a picnic and ski in the center where the snow thickness was half a meter. Skiing of pouches and baggy people living in the region that came to the center revealed colorful images. Sinan Atilla, the operator of the center, where some people try to slip with plastic tubs, said, “We opened the season this year in our ski resort. Our center is frequented especially by people coming from the surrounding cities, especially on weekends. We think the interest will increase with the increase in the thickness of the snow. ”