Siemens Delivers Vectron Locomotives for PKP Cargo

Siemens Delivers Vectron Locomotives Produced for PKP Cargo: Siemens successfully delivered 3 Vectron Locomotives it produced. 15 of the 3 Vectron Locomotives, which will be produced for PKP Cargo in total, were produced, and after various static and dynamic tests were carried out, they were delivered. Thus, PKP Cargo has started the process of expanding its train fleet, which it previously decided to, in order to meet international orders.
501,502 and 503 are available after tests in Munich, Germany. The units were sent to Poland. The Vectron Locomotives sent are expected to arrive in Poland by the end of January. After the arrival of the wagons, the final tests are expected to be performed and then put into service.
After the first 3 locomotive, the next 3 locomotive was planned to be delivered next February. The last of the ordered locomotives will be delivered within the first 2017 month of 6.

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