Security measures in ski resorts in France are on the agenda again

Security measures at ski resorts in France are on the agenda again: Skiing, especially the dangers of the off-piste, were brought to the agenda after the avalanche of three people in the inin Les Deux Alpes ias ski resort in the French Alps. Well, it is quite enjoyable, but it can be risky to begin with how the new beginners.

Obviously, I always dream of slipping off the runway. But I'm a mother, and by acting, I should slip in safer places. Fakat

The ski resort Les Deux Alpes is crowded, where the avalanche disaster occurs. But everyone is more careful. Ski instructors also provide the latest safety instructions: de The checks are complete. Finally, the transmitter is being controlled. Son

15 in France has killed 49 people due to avalanches in years.

Laurence Alexandrowicz, a Euronews correspondent, said: hayat Although the number of people who die in avalanches is high, this is not seen as a big problem. Even though the number of accidents has increased in recent years, off the runway has become more popular. The security measures in the ski resorts, of course, also gain importance. Kayak

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