Uninterrupted live broadcast at Davraz Ski Resort

Uninterrupted live broadcast at Davraz Ski Center: With the cameras installed in Davraz, skiers will be able to watch the 24 hours over the Internet at the center of the runways.

With the cameras installed at the Davraz Ski Center in Isparta, skiers will be able to follow the situation and activities of the runways in the center on the internet.

In recent years, the rapidly growing 2 bin 645 at the altitude Davraz Ski Center, 22 13 track, along with ski lovers, as well as attract interest from visitors. In the center, which provides skiing opportunities in the landscape of Lake Eğirdir, the project was developed to allow visitors to monitor the condition of the runways and snow thickness instantly.

The project was carried out by Davraz Karlıyayla Winter Sports Tourism Center Operation and Infrastructure Service Association and a high resolution 13 camera was installed at various points. Five of the operating cameras were reported to be live on the 24 watch on the status of the center.

Isparta Tourism Association President Fevzi Özdemir, AA correspondent, said Davraz'a investments continue increasingly. The number of visitors to Davraz through investments is increasing every day voicing Özdemir, visitors generally from the surrounding cities, especially Izmir and Antalya, he said.

Özdemir, now the visitors, before coming to the center, the condition of the tracks, weather conditions and snow thickness “http://www.davrazkayakmerkezi.org/Kameralar.aspx” He added that he can see from his internet address.