Tourism Assessment Meeting Held in Sarıkamış

Tourism Evaluation Meeting Held in Sarıkamış: A winter tourism evaluation meeting was held at Sarıkamış Teachers' House under the chairmanship of District Governor Yusuf İzzet Karaman.

Sarıkamış Mayor Göksal Toksoy, Gendarmerie Commander Captain Alper Akça, District Police Chief Yaşa Tugay Yalçın, Youth Services and Sports District Manager Ali Koçak, Provincial Special Administration officials, institution supervisors, sports club managers, hotel representatives and ski instructors at the meeting, held in Cıbıltepe The 2nd stage station, which was renewed and started to operate in the Ski Center, the works in the mechanical facilities region, the activities to be done in terms of tourism potential and more active revitalization of winter tourism were discussed.

In his speech here, Karaman said that everyone should make unity and unity in order for Sarıkamış to develop, develop and reach the desired level especially in tourism.

Stating that very serious state investments have been made in Sarıkamış in recent years, Karaman said:

"Our Town history, nature and tourism potential, not only in Turkey, it will be the recently pupil in the Caucasus. If we want to raise tourism to higher levels here, we need to act jointly with institutions, hotel managers, associations, ski instructors, tradesmen, in short, all of us with a sense of responsibility. We must ensure that we welcome the local and foreign tourists in the best way and return happily because our district of martyrs tourism paradise is the common denominator of all of us. We produce projects for our ski center to cater to national and international tourism. Public, private sector and all segments will protect Sarıkamış and we will develop our district in all areas. We will solve our problems together with common decisions. ”

Mayor Göksal Toksoy also stated that as the municipality, they support the ski center seriously, both in terms of infrastructure, team and equipment, and said, “Our district will become a shining star with the completion of the investments made in the next two years. During the winter season of about 6 months in Sarıkamış, tradesmen, tourism professionals, hotel operators, ski instructors, taxi drivers, sleigh riders and local people kazanIt has connected it to winter tourism and thus to the ski resort. For this reason, if we turn this wheel together, everyone kazanir,” he said.

Later in the meeting problems and solutions were discussed.

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