Palm trees will be dismantled and moved for the tram line in Izmir

Palm trees for the tram line in Izmir will be removed and transported: İZMİR's Kordon ve Karşıyaka Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard, one of the most popular shores after the coast, will have a completely different look after the ongoing tramway, underground passage, coastal design and parking projects. Line laying work Within the scope of the tram project reaching in front of Göztepe Pier, it was decided that the line of the line would be grass and that the palm of different sizes would be transported in the middle refuge and instead of palm trees of the same size and size would be planted.
In the scope of the Izmir Coastal Design Project, following the arrangements started on the road between the coastal road and the sea, which is open to pedestrian and bicycle use, the road in front of the Mithatpaşa Park will be placed in the 1150 meters underground and the project will be organized as a square in the size of 42 thousand square meters. It will be supported. The tram line, which will be added as the fourth lane on both sides of the round trip three lane road, will be the most important factor in this change. Tram rails will stretch over the grass floor. A green road will be provided. On the other hand, the area to be used to create the fourth strip will be narrowed due to the middle median. Each of the different sizes of palm trees planted at different times in the median center will be changed during the project. The palm trees that will be removed from here will be carried by the Metropolitan Municipality under suitable conditions and planted in different regions of the city. The middle refinery on the Beach Boulevard will be planted with the same height and appearance of palm trees as in the last period of Ankara Caddesi. There will be an underground car park in the front of the apartment buildings in Göztepe. With the construction of the tram stations and the new arrangements that will enable the use of pedestrian and bicycle facilities at the seaside as part of the İzmir Coastal Design Project, sonha Sahil Boulevard will take a very different view from today in 2. The project started to display project photos of the future view of the Metropolitan Municipality Beach Boulevard on the billboards of the Bulvar.
F. Altay Square - Konak-Halkapınar will be operating between 12.7 kilometers and 19 stops, 21 vehicles will run at the Konak Tramway, 3 minutes at peak times and 4-5 at other times. F. The tramway line, which will start from the side of the market square in Altay Square; Şehit Binbaşı, where the tax office is located, will take to the beach following the official Tufan Street. On the Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard, two separate lines as land and sea side will be operated without interfering traffic and 3-3 will continue as an additional green strip without disturbing the continuity of the highway traffic. The line that will pass under the pedestrian overpass of Göztepe will continue along the coast and reach Konak.

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