Nusaybin-Habur High Speed ​​Railway Project

Nusaybin-Habur High Speed ​​Railway Project is Brought to Life: Investment projects are continuing to Southeastern Anatolia where PKK terror is trying to burn down. Despite all sorts of threats, the government, which makes the airport to Yüksekova, will implement the rapid railway project from Nusaybin to Habur, where the conflicts continue. The project will be able to transport freight up to 5 million tons in the fast rail line that will pass through Cizre and Silopi. The efforts of the terrorist organization PKK to set fire to the region continue to work on investment projects in Ankara these days.
Habur Border Gate, which has been closed for a while due to the increasing terrorist attacks since July of the year, has been the victim of the businessmen who export to Iraq and the door was opened again recently. The trade between Turkey and Iraq almost Habur, the only point of great importance for the people. The fact that Habur has not been able to bear the increasing transportation from time to time brought new projects to the region.
One of the projects that Ankara is working on is the fast rail project that will open to Habur. The project, which is planned for the needs of the region, will start from Nusaybin, where the terrorists are clearing the cities. The fact that the existing railroad in Nusaybin enters into Syria and passes from there to Iraq disables the use of the line after a certain point.
With the prepared Nusaybin-Habur High Speed ​​Railway Project, a new line will be built on the Mardin-Şırnak route. The cost of the line planned to be implemented until 2018 will be 2.2 billion TL. projects to be carried out to ensure a direct railway crossing between Iraq and Turkey, to advance in the Nusaybin-Cizre-Silopi-Habur route. Line 134 will be a double line, electric and signal railway, capable of speeding up to 160 kilometers per hour and miles per hour. While the project preparation work continues, it is even aimed at transporting cargo up to 5 million tons.

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