New period in public transportation in Bursa

New era of public transportation in Bursa: BURULAŞ has closed the card filling office since yesterday in Bursa. Bursalılar, transactions from kiosks (automatic sales points) or BursaKart dealers can do. Disposable tickets are no longer available!
BURULAŞ, which raises transportation fees in Bursa, has closed the card filling office since today.
Bursalılar, transactions from kiosks (automatic sales points) or BursaKart dealers can do.
However, citizens react to the new application.
Because, kiosks, citizens do not give money. If you want to install 5 pounds, but if you have 50 pounds, you have to install all of your money in BursaKart.
Especially older citizens have difficulty in loading from automatic devices. This situation sometimes leads to controversy.
On the other hand you can't find disposable tickets in the market for a while! BURULAŞ officials are not in the hands of single-use tickets are reported.
In this case, citizens are forced to buy a round-trip ticket from the points of sale. BursaKart refill 10 pounds can be given to devices that do not give the money and 6 pounds can be purchased as a return ticket. The device gives the 4 pounds.
Citizens who can travel to 3 liras for the first time have to pay 6 liras even if they do not need a return ticket. BursaKart cash dispensers do not give money on the use of two-time card purchases are remarkable. In addition, only 10 pounds can be uploaded to the social media has caused reactions.
The discontinuation of disposable tickets led to question marks and the citizens' commentary on this is an indirect raise!
BursaRay, before the fish farm wagons, constantly increasing wages and poor quality carriages on the grounds of social media, causing frequent reactions.
Meanwhile, BURULAŞ closed the toll booths who are unemployed officials in preparation for action was suggested.

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