Failure to track down the disaster on the Metrobus road

Non-prosecution into the Metrobus road: In the investigation of the accident, where 6 was injured in the metrobus stop in Kadikoy, 4 was injured and the decision of rob non-prosecution fac was given.
Hüseyin Yildirim, who was sent to the Metrobus station in Sogutlucesme on his car in Istanbul on the night of October 02.00, entered the road of metrobuses by the door where only the metrobus was provided. Lightning in the direction of the direction of the direction of the direction of the direction of the direction of the arrival of the metrobus began to follow the direction of the metrobus stop Fikirtepe Metrobus Stop about 150 meter Kalay'ın Erdogan was colliding with the metrobus was expressed.
Hüseyin Yıldırım used in the vehicle located in the scene of Talha Uzun, Gummet Gundes, Seren Yildirim and Makbule Yildirim, the same vehicle in the hospital in the same vehicle is lost Dilara Yilmaz lost the life of the decision of the metrbus driver and metrobus 3 people were injured were recorded. .
Suspicious vehicle driver Huseyin Yildirim on the blood sample taken as a result of the investigation of the 1,58 promil ethyl alcohol in the decision of non-prosecution, the experts stated that the defect situation by making a report was reported. In the expert report, while the driver of the metrobus Kalender is not seen to be defective due to the absence of a violation of the rules, the driver of the vehicle was described as the main reason for Yildirim's 'violating the safety of navigation of vehicle traffic' because of many violations of the rules.
Prosecutor's decision not to pursue, "complainant suspicious metrobus driver Erdogan Kalender," more than one person's death and injuring the crime "to the fault of the fault, the deceased car driver suspected Hussein Yildirim, 'the same crime' despite the 'essential defect' died in the accident because of the decision was not pursued ”He said.

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