Metrobus accident in Merter, 5 injured

Metrobus accident in Merter 5 injured: Another metrobus from behind hit the waiting metrobus at Merter stop. 5 people were slightly injured. Due to the accident, expeditions to Avcılar direction could not be made for a while.

Kadıköycars collide with metrobus: 5 dead, 5 injured
Xnumx was slightly injured in the crash that occurred as a result of a metrobıse coming from the Merter stop.
Due to the accident in the direction of Avcılar flights stopped for a while.
The wounded were taken to the hospital by ambulance. Backward from the point where the accident occurred a large number of metrobus remained stationary, Topkapı-Merter occurred between the tail of the BRT. Many passengers walked up and down the metrobus.



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