Manisada train crash

Manisada train crash: MANİSA Alaşehir district of the passenger train at the crossing of the passenger car crashed by the driver of the car 20 Ferat Akpınar, was slightly injured.
Yenimahalle District, Akarca Level Crossing, yesterday at the 09.00 ranks, closing the barriers at the last moment entered into the level crossing Ferat Akpınar'ın allegedly used 45 TA 344 plate 31622 number one Uşak - Izmir passenger train was hit. Akpınar car, 1.5 meter to the front of the car, the driver dragged by the accident, the accident was slightly injured. The slowing down of the passenger train approaching the gate prevented the possible catastrophe.
Akpınar was taken to the Alaşehir State Hospital with an ambulance and was treated as an outpatient. The train continued its journey with a delay of approximately 1 an hour after the car was lifted. Police said the investigation was underway.



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