Importance of maintenance planning and maintenance planning of fixed facilities in Kayseri light rail transportation system

The importance of maintenance planning and maintenance planning application of fixed facilities in Kayseri light rail transportation system. Since the working equipment or machine is deformed and worn out, maintenance is at the end of it. As the industry develops and automates, investment costs increase and labor costs decrease. Maintenance costs are also increasing due to investment expenditures.
Especially in the field of transportation, each system has its own character, physical condition, external factors are different, so the maintenance plans differ.
In this study, first of all, Kayseri will be introduced, followed by preventive maintenance and malfunctions in fixed facilities. After that, the maintenance types will be discussed and the faults and maintenance in the facilities will be examined.
As a main target in planned maintenance work,
• Extending the useful life of the facilities (plant, machinery, equipment and buildings)
• Maintaining the value of the enterprise by minimizing wear and tear.
• To increase the security of the personnel and not to cause any sacrifice in the safety of the personnel in all efforts to fulfill all these objectives.
• To ensure that all these numbers are provided at the lowest cost in the long term.
As a company knowing that 65 maintenance,% 35 malfunction of the general rate in the industry is the fault, we will examine this where we are. In addition, the effort of the study, the method applied in other cities to provide ideas and contribute to the rail system enterprises.
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