Adana Metropolitan handles the light rail system

Adana Büyükşehir light rail system has rolled up its sleeves: North Adana to Balcalı can be reached in 15 minutes
The project was completed in the past months for the light rail system from Mental Health to Balcalı Adana Metropolitan Municipality has rolled up its sleeves. President Oral, went to Bursa to examine the necessary tools for the rail system.
Adana Metropolitan Municipality, continues to work for the rail system project that will provide transportation to Çukurova University Balcalı Campus from Mental and Neurological Diseases Hospital. According to the project, the new transportation system will be a subway and not a light rail system and will go above the route. The Light Rail System will also be integrated with the existing metro line.
The light rail system project, which will start from Mental Health which is the starting point of Adana Metro, will continue along Turgut Özal Boulevard. The rail system will pass through Seyhan River to Yuregir and the state will pass through the Bahceli Bridge and reach the Balcali Campus of Çukurova University from Mithat Ozsan Boulevard.
Adana Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Hüseyin Sözlü, speeding up the project, visited Durmaz Machinery company in Bursa and examined the vehicles on site. With the realization of the rail system, transportation to Çukurova University will be more convenient and easy. In particular, departures from northern Adana to Balcalı Campus can be made in a short time.

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