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Public Transport in North Rhine-Westphalia: With the new year, the price of public transportation vehicles such as trains, trams and buses in North Rhine-Westphalia (KRV) in Germany has begun.
With the new year Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia (KRV), public transportation vehicles, such as rail, tram and bus charges began to apply. VRR, AVV and VRS transport areas, which are available throughout the KRV, will be different in these hikes.
The highest increase in prices was in the Rhine and Ruhr region, Niederrhein and Aachen region. In Münsterland and East and South Westphalia regions, the 1 will not raise again due to the August hikes. In the VRR region, there was an increase of 2,9 on average for the tickets.
It was learned that single adult tickets would remain as 2,60 Euro as it was before. No increase in children's tickets. Passengers in the VRS area will pay an average of 2,8 averages on their tickets. Adults will pay 2,70 Euro, no children's tickets are raised. In the Aachen region, the average application of 2,54 was implemented. The tickets that did not raise were single, quadruple tickets and bicycle transports.

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