Konya-Karaman line opens for passenger trains

Konya-Karaman line opens to passenger trains: The line, which will reduce the distance between Konya and Karaman to 40 minutes, is planned to be opened to the use of passenger trains in the first months of 2016.
In railways, while the first link of the corridor, which will extend to the route Ulukışla- Mersin- Adana- Osmaniye- Gaziantep- Şanlıurfa- Mardin- Nusaybin, works between Konya and Karaman, the line will be opened to the use of passenger trains in the first months of 2016.
High speed trains, on the other hand, will start sailing in 2016 after the electrification and signaling works are completed. Work continues on the Konya-Karaman line, the foundation of which was laid in 2014. While the infrastructure and rail laying works are completed within the scope of the project, the line is planned to be opened to passenger trains in the first months of 2016.
High-speed trains are expected to start in 2016 after completion of electrification and signaling work. With the realization of the project, trains will be shifted to 200 double speed operation according to speed.
In addition, the existing line will be adapted to the high-speed train standard with the completion of the lower and superstructure works on the second line. With the start of the 1 hours 13 minutes, the journey time between Konya and Karaman will be reduced to 40 minutes. The 75 express time is closed on certain dates due to the availability of sufficient time intervals in Konya-Karaman railway construction works and double line high-speed train works.
In this time period, double-line high speed train road works between Konya and Karaman are also continuing. Gülermak-Kolin Construction Partnership carries out the Konya-Karaman Railway Line Project.
The flights between Konya and Karaman with DMU sets will be replaced by Ankara YHT flights. The voyage time will be 75 minutes.

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