Automobile Dives into Tram Stop in Kayseri 1 Injured

In Kayseri, Automobile Wandered into Tram Stop 1 Injured: The car, whose driver lost control of the steering due to icing in Kayseri, hit the tram stop.

In Kayseri, the car, whose driver lost control of the steering due to icing, hit the tram stop. In the accident, the automobile driver was injured.

According to information obtained on the Ataturk Boulevard, the driver of the accident occurred in the name of the 38 500 XNUMX plate car crashed due to ice, hit the tram stop. While the driver was injured in the accident, the driver was referred to the emergency department of the Medical School of Erciyes University with the ambulance shipped. Police teams, the accident occurred on the street in order to cause a possible accident, while taking security measures, the car was removed by tow truck. The absence of citizens at the tram stop during the accident prevented a possible catastrophe.

An investigation into the accident was initiated.


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