Karacadağ Ski Center Expects Investors

Karacadağ Ski Expects Investor: Turkey's hottest cities in the Karacadağ Ski Center is located in Sanliurfa to meet the growing interest every year and is expected to support investors can stay longer in the visitors center.

Karacadağ Ski Center with an altitude of 45, which is 1919 kilometers from Siverek district center and called the “Uludağı of the Southeast”, is among the popular attractions of the region.

In addition to Şanlıurfa to the center, where there is a high density especially on weekends, daily visitors from Diyarbakır, Mardin, Batman and Adıyaman, both from the surrounding provinces and districts, enjoy the skiing on the white blanket and throw stress in the fresh air.

This year, the snow thickness of the desired level of skiing in the ski center where the density of the skiers who are attracted by the local clothes. Some citizens prefer to skate with sled, while those trying to slip through the basin and the sea bed are colored images.

Despite increasing interest every year, the center is unable to meet the demands on accommodation adequately, investor support is expected.

Governor of Siverek Vural Karagül, said in a statement to the AA correspondent, with the opening of the season, lovers of skiing began to come to the center, he said. Karagül emphasized that the region will be more secure. Preparing some projects for the development of the ski resort Karagül, said:

“We have guests from Diyarbakır, Mardin and Batman. The young people who come here have a good time here. There, it makes us smile and proud to see the local people sliding with salwar. Our facility can actually be improved. It is very crowded, especially on weekends. So there is daily tourism. If a 50- or 100-bed facility is gained here, tourism for accommodation, not daily, can be realized. In this regard, we expect and encourage support from local investors. The region is a safe area. We invite the people of the region here. Let them come here to contribute to ski tourism. We will show them all the necessary hospitality here. ”

“The facility does not remove the density”

Ski resort operator Orhan Atilla the snow this year because of the late 45 late in the season was passed.

Stating that the track in the center is suitable for both novice skiers and professionals, Atilla said, “The sunny weather attracted the visitors. I hope it will go well after that. Demand is higher than last year. Over the years, it has become more crowded and the interest is growing. The facility here is small, no longer able to handle the density. We want a big facility built here. Most of those who come are going without slipping. ”


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