Metro crash 12 with wounded survived can lead to disaster

📩 07/12/2018 18:25

12 people were injured in the subway accident that took place in Izmir: A container that fell towards the rails during loading in the adjacent storage area in Izmir's Regional Station location, hit the metro wagon.
It was reported that 12 passengers who were hospitalized after the metro accident in Izmir were in good health.
According to the information received, the passengers who were taken out of the trashed wagon at the İzmir Metro Regional Station on Bornova Ağaçlıyol were the first to complain about sprains, injuries and crashes, followed by Yavuz Şahin (55), Şemsettin Şen (30), Gamze Şahin (35), Aykut Uludağ (26) , Erkut Özşekerci (24), Ayferin Uzun (17) and Ali Can Çin (18) were also treated in hospitals in the city, Durali Savaş (67), Abdülmecit Soytürk, Erkan Yıldız, Fadime Bağtekin (44) and Öykü Elverdi. (24), on the other hand, learned that they went to health institutions on their own.
The wounded are in good health, the treatment is continuing.
EVKA 3 - Fahrettin Altay voyages, which could not be made for a while due to the overturning of the wagon, are also controlled on a single line.
- "The accident that could lead to a disaster has been avoided"
The General Director of Metro AŞ Sönmez Alev also came to the scene and made investigations.
Flame, told reporters here, the logistics station near the Regional Station in the storage area of ​​the truck wants to load the container even fell, slowing down to enter the station, the carriage's wagon hit the car to fall, he said.
Stating that the accident that could cause a great disaster was overcome, Alev said, “30 passengers were assisted in the tipped wagon, and 4 people with minor problems were hospitalized in the first place. This number then increased. After the accident, we quickly intervened in the incident and ensured the transportation to continue. Wagon lifting work continues. We made a risk analysis for the logistics area next to the line. We will follow the issue legally ”he said.
Hasan Kahraman, one of the eyewitnesses, said that the accident occurred while he was driving in Ağaçlıyol, and they were startled with a loud noise.
“We saw that the container turned by the forklift hit the wagon and the wagon was tilted. We immediately rushed to help, took the passengers out. Ambulances came soon, ”he said.
- They were called to expression
It was stated that the logistics company and Metro AŞ, which caused the container to tip over, and forklift operator Mustafa A. and metro engineer Erhan B were called to the police station to take their statements.
The container placed in the storage area of ​​a logistics company in Bornova in Izmir fell on the subway line, causing the subway that made the EVKA 3 - Fahrettin Altay expedition to crash into the wagon and overturn.

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