Bicycle revolution in Izmir

Bike revolution in Ýzmir Metropolitan Municipality di BİSİM ”enriched the bicycle culture in the city and increased the number of cycling sales and the number of users. Here is the inin Izmir difference in bike İzmir through the eyes of sector representatives;
- Even if people didn't have it, BISIM made them willing to ride a bike. Bicycle use became very common.
- The bike, which was formerly used as a rationing gift for children, was now used for both wellness and transportation.
- Significant increases have started in the retailers around the bicycle paths.
- In the information screens of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality on the roads, 'messages for the use of bicycles' had a positive effect.
- It was like having a bicycle for the people of Izmir.
- An important segment in Izmir is now commuting to work. Apart from sports and hobby, daily use also started.
- With the purchase of bikes from İZBAN and the subway, the sale of 'folding bikes' increased.
- An awareness of how to move when you see a bicycle in traffic.
BIMIM, which has been in service since its launch on 18 2014 600 in January 2014, has been increasing its interest in BISIM. In addition to BISIM, the applications of the Metropolitan Municipality, which creates a safe and enjoyable ride with the bicycle paths along the coast, has made the face of the representatives of the sector laugh as much as the Izmir residents. After the BISIM service, the representatives of the sector stated that their sales increased and thanked the Metropolitan Municipality who introduced the people of Izmir again with the joy of using bicycles. Another common point where sector representatives meet is the use of the bicycle, which was formerly used only for sports purposes, to be used for transportation and hobby purposes and the diversification of the user profile.
What did the industry representatives say?
Bicycle development indicator
Bicycle Industry Association (BİSED) President Önder Şenkon:
"We're now watching BİSED as the expansion of bike oriented activities in Turkey. BISIM application started by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality at the beginning of beautiful examples. As a sector, we saw the impact in a very short time. As a first effect, there have been noticeable increases especially in the retailers around cycling routes. The use of bicycles became increasingly widespread. This is also a great reflection of the sector. I hope that such applications will become widespread in other provinces. Bicycle use is a measure of development in a country. Turkey bikes are sold annually in Germany close to the number 4.8 million population. these figures include the children's bicycles in Turkey is around 1.5 million units. But the use of bicycles is increasing every year. In the information screens of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality on the roads, we started to take the positive effects of the messages about the use of bicycles for transportation purposes. This should set an example for other metropolitan municipalities. Bu
Increased number of users
Hüsnü Sundu (Sundu Bisiklet):
Var BISIM has a direct impact on bicycle sales. Those who want to ride a bike had no chance to try before. But thanks to BISIM at least they have the chance to start cycling. Existing cycling routes also encourage cycling. Bike users have also changed their profile. In the past, a sporting sector was riding; now spread to a wide range of young people, old people and employees. At the same time, the number of users increased with our new bicycle paths. It was like having a bicycle for Izmir. An important part of İzmir is commuting and cycling. Apart from sports and hobby, daily use also started. The sale of folding bicycles increased with the purchase of bikes by İZBAN and the subway. If anyone gets a bike. they are empathetic to bicycle users. This increases security. Bu
Introduced each age group to bicycle
Gürkan Bozkurt (Izmir Cycling Co.):
Müsait Our city is suitable for cycling as both location and climate and geography. Bike paths are made to encourage people to do this. Even if people didn't have BIKIM in mind, he was willing to ride them. This has stimulated the sector. People who see that they can use the bike for transportation and sports purposes, who do not dream of riding a bike, somehow want to put it into their lives. It was also a movement that introduced middle-aged and older ones to bicycles. People want to ride more with each other. In İzmir, a great deal has been achieved in the field of bicycle use. This has affected our sales positively. Bicycle city of Izmir, going to a better point every day. It will come to better points with the support and synergy of volunteer people both in the Municipality and in the bike. Belediye
A report card was no gift
Birol Benli (Seda Bisiklet):
Iz We have been in the industry since 1960. BISIM had a lot of benefits for Izmir. We were a bike rental company. When people started cycling, they wanted more bikes. Not only BISIM, but also opened bike paths were very useful. The sector has reached a very good point with the contributions of the Municipality. The bicycle, which was used as a rationing gift for children, has now been used to make the elderly people use it for healthy life. Profile changed; he began to appeal to all ages. her
Awareness increased
Muhlis Dilmaç (Founder of Bikers on Thursday Evening):
Oldu BISIM was an expected project for Izmir and it was very good. BISIM is seeing people want to ride a bike. This in turn has affected cycling sales positively. Bicycle economy, health, the future, very important for our children. BISIM increased the number of users. Traffic vehicles, but also began to use bicycles. However, the traffic in a bike when he saw the awareness of how to act. At the same time, bicycle paths are encouraging for new users. Aynı

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