İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Breaks Investment Record in 2015

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality broke the investment record in 2015: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality increased its investments by 29 percent compared to the previous year and spent approximately 2015 billion liras in 1.6.
What happened?
Metropolitan's 12-year investment amount reached 9.5 billion liras.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has realized its investments and projects with the aim of “Local Development”, also signed important projects in 2015. In addition to the 1 billion 244 million TL investment expenditure of the Metropolitan, 32 million 261 thousand TL financial support was provided to the projects of the district municipalities. With the investments of ESHOT and İZSU General Directorate, the investment amount of Büyükşehir increased by 2015 percent compared to the previous year (1 billion 215 million) and reached 29 billion 1 million liras.
Aiming to raise the living standards of the city, the Metropolitan Municipality implemented dozens of projects last year, from expropriation efforts to infrastructure, from Fair Izmir to transportation investments, preserving history and urban transformation, and important environmental facilities. In the same period, the Metropolitan started tens of investments. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, together with ESHOT and İZSU institutions, made an investment of 2004 billion 2015 million liras in the city between 9-486. While 6 billion 462 million liras of these investments were made by Metropolitan, İZSU invested 1 billion 871 million liras and ESHOT 418 million liras.
Here are some of the investments of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in 2015:
Giant investment in transportation
* The age of 12.7 kilometers long 19-stop Konak Tramway begins, while 8.82 kilometers long 14 stops Karşıyaka Half of the rail line laying works of the tram line have been completed.
* The project of the Üçkuyular-Buca Koop metro line of the 9.5 kilometer continues. The tender for the construction of the Üçkuyular-Narlıdere metro line of the 8.5 kilometer will be made.
* For the subway system, 10 train sets consisting of 2 wagons completed in the factory in China were put into service. The construction of new train sets with 192 wagons, which continue to be produced in China with an investment of 85 million liras, continues in China. The first train set will arrive in Izmir in October 2016.
* Over 70 million lira investment has been made on the İZBAN line that will extend to Torbalı, and construction works have been completed. Even trial runs have started.
* Construction of 26 highway overpass and 2 type culvert type highway underpass were started with the 3 units at the 5 kilometer İZBAN Selçuk line.
* An underground car park tender for the storage and maintenance of subway cars was finalized. The facility will be equipped with 115 wagon capacity.
* The project tender process of Monaray, which will provide transportation to the fair İzmir and work integrated with İZBAN, continues.
* The first three of the 38 tram vehicles to be produced for the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will be delivered in the coming days. After 2016 parties in April and October 12, the last 11 vehicles will be on the tracks on February 26, 2017.
* 15 of the 8 passenger ships ordered to improve sea transportation were put into service. The frequency of the trips was increased, allowing citizens to benefit more from sea transportation.
* Izmir Metropolitan Municipality made its first ferry trip in the touristic district of the city.
* After Foça, Mordoğan continues to work to travel to Urla, Güzelbahçe and Karaburun by sea transportation. In this context, the construction of Mordoğan Pier was completed. Work is underway to build scaffolds in other districts.
* Hasan Tahsin, the first of 82 ferry ships with a capacity of 450 passengers and 64 cars, which Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will add to the Gulf fleet with an investment of 3 million lira, came into service. The construction works of İzmir's other car ferries Ahmet Piriştina and Kubilay are ongoing.
* As of May 1, ESHOT General Directorate started bus services in 9 districts that are included within the borders of the Tumulus Law. The area where İzmir Metropolitan Municipality makes public transportation has thus expanded to the border of Aydın and Balıkesir.
* BISIM, which has shown great interest in Izmir, increased its service capacity with 31 station, 400 bicycle and 600 parking lot.
New arteries, new roads, parking lots
* Within the scope of Izmir Sea-Coast Design Project; The shores between Karataş and Üçkuyular – Göztepe İskele, which are on Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard, have been arranged and a brand new look has been created. kazan5 nostalgic wooden piers were also put into service.
* Bostanlı Creek and its close surroundings, Bayraklı coastal arrangements between Göztepe Pier and Konak have started and their construction continues.
* In order to relieve the traffic of Mustafa Kemal Sahil Bulvarı and to bring a new breath to the region, work was started in front of Mithatpaşa Park.
* Project tender has been carried out for the highway underpass to be established at the Marina junction to ensure the uninterrupted transportation of Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard via both İnciraltı region and Çeşme Highway.
* Shorten the waiting time at intersections "Full Adaptive Traffic Management, Control and Information System" is implemented for the first time in Izmir, Turkey. Bornova and Bayraklı Pilot implementation started at 39 junctions in the districts. 402 junctions will be connected to the system.
* Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which opened the Homeros Boulevard in the first stage of the “express” route that will connect Buca to the Bus Station, started to work for the remaining 7 kilometers. The section between Buca and Bornova will be passed through a “deep tunnel”. While the application projects of the longest road tunnel of the 2.4 km city are being prepared, expropriation studies in the region continue.
* Martyr Kubilay Köprülü Intersection and connecting roads, connecting the two sides of Menemen district and named after Revolution Martyr Ensign Mustafa Fehmi Kubilay, were put into service.
* Foca and New Foça express route between the 3.7 million pounds renewed work by reducing both travel time and fuel consumption and increased comfort.
* Within the scope of the İZBAN project, the project was revised on demand from the public in the construction of the overpass, road and bridge over the İsmetpaşa Street in the Torbalı Tepeköy Neighborhood. The vehicle underpass is being constructed at the intersection of 4543 Street and 3677 Street.
* The 6.5 kilometer part of the second connection road between the Selcuk and the touristic district Şirince was completed.
* In order to reduce the traffic density in Buca, expansion works are continuing on Doğuş Caddesi. The cost of the study, which will turn the route into a modern boulevard that is 1300 meters long and 35 meters wide, is 3.5 million TL.
* İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has constructed a new highway bridge to ease the traffic load between Yenişehir Gıda Çarşısı and Şehitler Caddesi, relieved the connection between Çarşı and Şehitler Caddesi by a new road with 2 lanes entrance - 2 lanes exit. It also makes a new arrangement for the entrance and exit of the ESHOT Garage in Halkapınar.
* Construction works at Adnan Kahveci Köprülü Crossroad have been completed. The intersection will be opened to vehicle traffic on Saturday, January 9.
* 180 million tons of asphalt has been laid in the city with 1 million pounds investment; 1 million 238 is the surface coating corresponding to the square meter. The record-breaking work of the plain road paving was found in the asphalting works and found the 800 mileage.
* Work has begun on 3835 new parking lots for 6 vehicles, two of which are underground, to different parts of the city. The tender for the construction of the Alaybey Parking Garage with a capacity of 635 vehicles. The project works of the parking lot with 100 vehicle capacity to be built in 440 Street in Hatay have been completed. In Karabağlar Selvili Mahallesi, project work is continuing for the second parking lot with a capacity of 200 vehicles to Alaybey, with a square arrangement and an underground parking lot with a capacity of 250 cars. Yeşilyurt will have a cultural center and an underground parking lot with a capacity of 160 vehicles. Buca gets new parking and square with an investment of 10 million liras. With the 150-car two-storey car park, the production of which is started under the Buca Butchers Square, the work on the arrangement of the square is continuing rapidly.
* In order to overcome the shortage of the parking lot on the Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard, the project of the underground car park with a capacity of 2 thousand vehicles was started in the Göztepe area.
New facilities
* Turkey's most qualified and largest exhibition complex "Izmir Fair" opened.
* The first stage of Doğanlar Stadium at UEFA standards, which is under construction with the cooperation of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Bornova Municipality, has been completed. The capacity of the facility, which will be put into service soon, will be increased with the second stage tender.
* 15.5 Teleferik facilities, which were renewed with an investment of 1 million pounds, were put into service.
* The construction of Gültepe Culture Center and Cemevi has been completed.
* The project works of the cultural center and cemevi to be established in Aliağa have been completed, and the construction tender is launched.
* The villages that need it were started to build places of worship and head office. 20 village headman office in the first place, 6 to the village mosque, 1 village cemevi construction began.
* Local Service Centers of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality were opened in Tire and Ödemiş.
* In order to establish a culture and sports center in the Gerenköy District of Foça, the construction tender phase has been reached.
* Construction of Buca Social Life Campus is completed; landscaping work continues with its fine works.
* In Seyrek, an animal shelter with a capacity of 2 thousand animals was started.
Local stamp on local development
* To support the rural producer, 1 million 100 thousand saplings were introduced to the producers with the slogan “saplings are from us, fruits from you”.
* Improvement of existing products and systems in rural areas, alternative products and new systems kazanA cooperation protocol was signed with Ege University in order to ensure sustainability in agricultural production.
* Signed new contracts to buy flowers in Bayındır, milk in Tire, "Saplings, Trees, Yogurt, Ayran and Olive Oil" in Ödemiş Bademli, "Kashar, Tulum and White Cheese" with the Agricultural Development Cooperative.
* In order to establish an "Agricultural Specialization Area" that will open the way for scientific production to flower producers in Bayındır, efforts have been intensified. 56.5 hectares of land in Arıkbaşı was planned.
* Free rural cattle and beehive distribution started to producers for rural development. In the first stage, 696 small ruminants were distributed in Urla, Karaburun, Beydağ and Kınık.
History stands up
* In the Agora excavations supported by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, some buildings were expropriated in the section on the side of Çankaya Multi-Storey Car Park, and the excavation area was expanded.
* The Smyrna Agora was surrounded by a specially designed protection wall with seating areas that would allow residents and visitors to rest.
* Agora-Kadifekale-Kemeraltı axis without disturbing the historical texture of the historical axis launched to make the region a center of attraction was organized two workshops. Work in progress.
* After restoration of the mosque and the cistern in Kadifekale fortifications, the restoration of the masjid and cistern in the castle continues. The project prepared for the illumination of the historic walls is under construction.
* In order to convey the memories of those who have experienced the Greek exchange to the next generations, the “House of Migration and Exchange House” is being established in Buca with the support of the people of Izmir. The donated items, photos and documents will be exhibited in this memory house, which was restored by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, with the name of the donors.
* The restoration of the historical building in Buca Butchers Square is about to be completed.
* The restoration of Izmir History Design Workshop was completed and put into service.
* The restoration of the treasures in the Emir Sultan Tomb was completed.
* Namazgah bath restoration projects in Smyrna Agora excavation area were approved. The tender for implementation continues.
* Kemeraltı 2. Street rehabilitation projects related to 848 Street, known as Beyler, were prepared.
* Within the scope of İzmir History Project, “Agora Park Children's Playground Design” work was started with the participation of children living in the region.
Environmental investments
* IZSU, 2015 315 km-long drinking water network, 100 km-long channel network and 36 km-long rainwater line was laid 19 kilometers long creek breeding and railing was manufactured; 16 pieces of water borehole opened.
* The construction of Kavaklıdere Drinking Water Treatment Plant, which will treat Gördes Dam water and give it to the city, has started.
* Çiğli Waste Water Treatment Facility will increase the capacity of Çiğli by 36 percent.
* 9 fully equipped 63 units were put into service in order to intervene in the shortest time to water faults in the new district.
IZSU, which has been concreting the 13 thousand sqm of the Meles Creek floor last year, completed the concrete works in the remaining 17 thousand square meters.
* New Foça Advanced Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant and 6 km channel production is continuing with the investment of 88 million pounds.
* The construction of a facility with a capacity of 1500 demijoins per hour was started, by bottling the spring water from Bornova Homer Valley resources and transporting them to the homes of Izmir at an “affordable price”.
* The construction of an advanced biological waste water treatment plant has been started in Hasköy with an investment of 13.3 million liras.
Urban transformation
* Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which carries out its works with the principles of "Reconciliation and On-Site Transformation", has prepared the application projects of the Uzundere project covering an area of ​​32 hectares. 75 residents from the municipal Uzundere public housing were allocated to the right owners without title. Demolition of earthquake-proof, illegal and slums started. While the reconciliation / contract process is continuing, land transfers have been completed on the islands where reconciliations are completed. Construction works will start in stages.
* Introduced the urban transformation project of 18 hectares in Ornekköy to the public. The reconciliation process continues.
* The project was introduced to the public for the "Urban Transformation and Development Area", which consists of approximately 7 hectares of Ege Mahallesi. It continues to sign a housing / business contract with citizens.
* Urban design and architectural projects are being prepared for the demands and needs of the citizens in the 48 hectare area, covering the neighborhoods of Ballıkuyu, Akarcalı, Kosovo, Yeşildere and Kocakapı. Soon the negotiations will begin.
* Inventory of Gaziemir in Aktepe and Emrez regions covering 122 hectares of land including all buildings, additions, ownership status and rights holders has been completed. “Urban Design and Architectural Idea Project Competition” was organized for the region. The projects were exhibited in the communication office in the area and shared with the citizens.
* BayraklıIn the field of urban transformation in Turkey, negotiations are undertaken with rights holders. It continues to sign the "Housing / Business Contract".
New tools
* 78.2 machines and vehicles were purchased with an investment of 522 million liras. 522 of 129 vehicles were distributed to district municipalities. These include 4 snow plows and salt spreader machines.
* Gediz Solid Waste Transfer Station was renewed. 10 units are attractive and the vehicle fleet with 7 pieces semi trailer has been strengthened.
* 7.7 thousand pounds of garbage containers were purchased and distributed to the districts.
Joint service projects
* Seferihisar Cultural Center and Square Project, completed by the Metropolitan Municipality, was completed.
* Bergama Belediyespor Football Academy Facilities, organized with the support of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, opened its doors to athletes.
* Construction of a 13-person stadium has begun in Tire.
Parks, green areas
* A total of one thousand 500 square meters of green space was organized for Women's Union Park opposite Göztepe Metro Station. Children's play group and fitness equipment were placed in the area,
* Bayraklı One of the most qualified parks of the city is established under the name of Park İzmir in an area of ​​37 square meters in Mansuroğlu Neighborhood.
* City entrances have been given a brand new look with colorful shrubs, trees and night lights. 300 palm trees were planted on Ankara Street, the entrance area to the city from Istanbul and Ankara.
* In Gaziemir Akçay Avenue, the green area was increased by removing the parquets in the middle median. With the colorful bushes planted in this region, visual richness was created in the middle median.
* In Buca Kaynaklar, 1000 “monumental trees”, including a 6-year-old plane tree, were restored. The face of the village square has been renewed in accordance with the natural texture.
* Located on İnönü Avenue, Hıfzıssıhha became a new attraction center with resting-living spaces, vegetative texture.
* Metropolitan Municipality, which improved Bostanlı Creek and created a new connection road, decorated the new and modern face of Demirköprü region with parks and sports fields.
* In Çiğli Yeni Mahalle, the park with children's playgrounds, basketball court, illuminated ornamental pool and sitting groups has been put into service within a 9 thousand square meter green area.
* The rubble dump site in Buca Kırıklar District was afforested. 51 mulberry and 1875 walnut trees were planted on the 780-decare area.
* Urla Sand Sea coast has been reorganized as a modern beach with diversified activities. Approximately 1 kilometer coastal water games park with sports, walking and children's playgrounds, bicycle paths, shower-changing rooms, cafeterias and green areas were created.
* 2 million pounds of resources allocated by the 14 park is equipped with new generation children's play groups.
* Within the scope of the coastal arrangement works in Yeni Foça, the 1.4 km long coastline has been brought to a modern appearance.

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