İZBAN Real Estate Sector Moved in Torbalı

İZBAN Real Estate Sector Moved In Torbalı: The real estate sector has been mobilized in 2016.
With the new year, many sectors have been mobilized. The real estate sector is at the beginning. With the year 2016, the sector, which gained even more momentum, expects both İZBAN and housing loans to fall.
Thousands of houses are being built in Torbalı, which is one of the most active areas of the construction sector in İZMİR. Investors also flock to the district, where the contractor close to 200 operates, and the surrounding provinces and districts. Those who want to get their share in the construction sector of the county, shifts their investments here. Mehmet Dinç, owner of Hortuna Real Estate, emphasized that both construction and real estate sector are mobile with 2016. Due to the general elections, the stagnating market is signaling that it will return to its old days. We are expecting both investors and citizens to flock to the county, especially when Izmir airport starts. Already the deep-rooted institutions of Izmir are investing in the district. This makes the market more active, Bu he said.
In Torbalı, where there has been a great development in recent years, investments are not being cut back.
Since the 2000 year, especially in the construction sector, the attractiveness of the district has increased. Torbalı'da growing with the number of factories in the movement with an intense migration, the industry is experiencing the golden period. While finding the contractor company 200 in the district, the title deed of an average of 1,000 houses has changed every month. Super luxury apartments in the district. 150 with the housing 400 thousand pounds buyer finds. In recent years, the number of those coming from Izmir to Torbalı is also increasing. This interest is expected to rise even more with İZBAN. Torbalı, where thousands of dwellings are built, attracts the attention of the companies in the surrounding cities and districts.
In the past year, real estate in the district, which has a value of 30, shows how much Torbalı has grown and gained value.
Increasing demand every year, also pleases the representatives of the real estate sector. Mehmet Dinç, the owner of Hortuna Real Estate, moved to its new location in recent months. The number of real estate buyers and sellers is increasing day by day. Developments are pleasing. Sales are increasing day by day. If housing loans are withdrawn to the desired level, sales will increase further. We look forward to the beginning of the İZBAN flights. These two important elements will make the real estate sector in the district even more active. Bu


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