Tender for the First Tram Line of the Swedish City of Lund

Tram in Lund
Tram in Lund

Tender for the First Tram Line of Sweden's Lund City: A new tender will be held for the design and construction of Sweden's first tram line. With the project approved by the city council on December 17, 2016, details are also shared with each passing day.

The line will be 5,5 km long and will serve between Lund Central Station and Science Village. There will even be 9 station stations, and every 7,5 min will have one time too. The line is scheduled to go into service in 2019.

According to the statement made by the regional transport operator Skanetrafiken, the agreement will include seven trams and the 3 tramway order option. The passenger capacity of the trams will be 130 and the trams manufacturer 10 will also undertake annual maintenance.

Lund Tram Production Video


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