Istanbul traffic has never been so green

Istanbul traffic has never been this much green: the New Year's holiday was a 3 day and the Istanbul residents were relieved of the traffic due to the fact that Istanbul residents did not leave the house. While the bridges were completely emptied, the metrobus and metro stops, where more than 2 million people were traveling a day, were silent.
3 day of Christmas holiday due to the snow and Istanbul to be out of the house, Istanbul, the silence was buried.
Istanbul has never been so green
New year's night in Istanbul, snow, traffic and human density with the first hours of the new year was replaced by silence. New Year's Eve on Saturday and Sunday with the arrival of the New Year's Eve, Istanbulliler new year 3 day holiday was entered.
Metro and metrobus stops empty
A few of the citizens of 3 daily holiday opportunity to go to the holiday regions, the ones who do not leave the house because of the snow in the morning in the traffic in Istanbul was noticeable relief. The roads and bridges used by hundreds of thousands of vehicles were emptied every day. Metrobus and subway stops used by the 2 more than a million people a day were almost silent. Silence Taksim Square, as well as the municipality teams, Istiklal Street, construction machines and shovels with snow shovels. Eminonu Square also had the same images. The ferry piers and the streets were empty.


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