It turned out that the Warehouse was Sealed in the Metro Crash in Izmir

It turned out that the warehouse was sealed in the Metro Accident in Izmir: It was revealed that the open warehouse containing the container on the tracks was sealed by the Municipality of Bornova because of the leakage.
In the area used as a container warehouse right next to the Metro Regional Station, the empty container lifted by a forklift slipped off the rails. Meanwhile, he hit the train entering the station. With the impact of the crash, two bellows-bound wagons were overturned, with 30 passengers behind it. 10 passengers were injured in the accident, and were discharged after outpatient treatment at Ege University Faculty of Medicine and Tepecik Training and Research Hospitals.
It turned out that the seal was broken by the Bornova Municipality without a license, and the seal was broken and continued to work. After the accident, the workplace containing the containers was evacuated. He filed a criminal complaint with the prosecutor's office about the workplace, which was once again sealed by the municipality, because he had made a “seal stamp”. While it is not known when the firm broke the seal of the unlicensed warehouse, it was stated that the fine was also cut.
Meanwhile, it was determined that the forklift operator Mustafa A., who was detained, did not have a driving license.

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