Ski season started in Ilgaz

The ski season started in Ilgaz: The ski season started last weekend at Ilgaz Mountain Ski Center, which covers the Çankırı and Kastamonu regions.

The opening of the season was delayed on the tracks where sufficient snow level could not be reached for a long time. The ski season, which took place in mid-December in previous years, was delayed until the second week of January this year. Despite this, the fact that ski lovers as well as excursionists were among the visitors in Ilgaz, which is not missing on the weekend, pleased the operators. The expectation of businesses that could not find their hopes at the beginning of the year was a mid-term holiday.

Reservations are expected to be full on holiday in the ski resort facilities. On the other hand, the snow thickness of 70 centimeter found in the center, expected to exceed a meter with the expected rainfall over the weekend.