IETT wages raised

IETT fares have been raised: IETT (Istanbul Electric Tram and Tunnel Enterprises) has increased the city passenger transportation fares. Accordingly, the ticket price in IETT increased from 2,15 to 2,30 TL.
Full ticket 2 pounds 15 cents, 2 pounds 30 penny was raised. The student was 1,15 TL and the discount was 1,65.
The new fare of 2.30 will be valid for the first ride in buses and subways. When the transfer is made, the fare is changing.
The new tariff will be valid from Sunday.
Public transportation in Istanbul was last raised on June 14 last year.
The full-month blue card is determined as 185 TL, the discount student's monthly blue card is 80 TL,
First boarding fees for prepaid travel with Istanbulkart; Fully increased from 2,15 to 2,30 TL, student from 1,10 to 1,15 TL, discounted from 1,50 to 1,65.
The transfer boarding fees were also increased from 1,45 TL to 1,65 TL, student 0,45 to 0,50 TL, social card from 0,85 TL to 0,95 TL.
Monthly Blue Card Fully increased from 170 TL to 185 TL, Student 77 TL to 80 TL Social Card from 100 TL to 110 TL.
One, two, three, five, ten pass cards and coin fees remained the same price. Coin: 4,00 TL
One-pass ticket: 4,00 TL, Two-pass ticket: 7,00, TL Three-pass ticket: 10,00 TL, Five-pass: 15,00 TL, On-pass: 30,00 TL

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