Foot Rescue Operation on Gaziantep Tramway

tramway gaziantep
tramway gaziantep

Foot-rescue operation on the tram route: In Gaziantep, the tram was hit by the tram, and the crew was removed from the tram.

According to the information obtained, A.Ü. While the citizen named (53) wanted to cross the railway between Masal Park and December 25 tram stops, he was trapped. Stuck between the rail and the tram wheel, Üstün was rescued by the staff of the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department's Rail System Repair and Repair unit for about 40 minutes. A.Ü.'s foot was rescued from the place where it was stuck by lifting the wheel of the tram where the passengers were lowered with the help of levers. Üstün, who was intervened by the medical teams who came to the scene, was taken to the 25 Aralık State Hospital near the scene and was treated. After Üstün was taken to the hospital by ambulance, the stopped tram services resumed.

Due to the accident, there were fractures in the Usta's head and foot and the police launched an investigation into the accident.

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