First Pass from the Third Bridge Next Month

First Pass from the Third Bridge Next Month: The third bridge will end at the end of February. It is expected that the opening will take place in June as the works on the roads reaching the bridge still continue. But who knows, maybe in February February, for example, 26 can witness the first pass through the bridge in February.
The two sides of Istanbul meet for the third time in the new year. 3. Both sides of the Bosphorus Bridge, the other side of the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge will be fully united in late February. The last speed of the works lasted for a very short period of time. The previous weekend I went to the third bridge, I examined the feverish work on site.
As I recall, when the two bridges reached each other in the construction of the second bridge, Turgut Özal had moved from one side to the other with his own car and his wife, Semra Hanım. This transition was viewed both inside and outside the car, thus making the advertising itself the head of the bridge. In fact, during that transition, Turgut Özal was told to his wife, hâlâ Let's say a tape and let's cheer Semra Hanim Turgut is still remembered. A truly successful introduction ma I was thinking about the construction of the third bridge. I thought, when this bridge is completed, who will pass from one side to the other? One of his biggest projects in Turkey in recent years 3. It is clear that a magnificent state ceremony will be held when the two sides of the bridge are interconnected and the first pass is provided. 3 by IC Ictas and Astaldi JV. Bosphorus Bridge and Northern Marmara Motorway Project, the largest 2023 Turkey is aiming to become one of the world's economy in the year 10 one of the most important steps to be closer to these goals. For this reason, it would be unfortunate that the first name on the bridge of the two sides was President Erdoğan? His support has been clear from the beginning. He personally faced all the criticism regarding the construction of the bridge which will reduce the traffic in Istanbul.
In Istanbul, where traffic is increasing day by day, the third bridge to be opened in 2016 June is expected in the hope that the trucks will be removed from the city. Bridge in the first place will connect between Ümraniye and Ikitelli.
Umraniye-Ikitelli will be connected
The 1500 vehicle was launched in Istanbul, where 3 vehicles are used for daily traffic. The last 390 meter was installed on the Bosphorus Bridge. The two collar will be tied at the end of February. Thus, after the first, second throat bridge, the two sides will be united for the third time. After that, finishing works such as electrical works, asphalting, asphalt lighting, dismantling of existing equipment, especially the way to the cat will begin. These jobs are scheduled to be completed by the end of June. So first, which neighborhoods will be connected. That's the most interesting question. At the end of June, transportation to Ikitelli - Umraniye begins!
The third bridge will connect Ümraniye on the Asian side and İkitelli on the European side at the end of June. By the end of June, these two locations will be opened for transportation, including the bridge. Thus, Odayeri - İkitelli and Paşaköy - Çamlık connection roads will both connect the highway with the city of Istanbul and relieve the heavy traffic on the TEM Highway.
The vehicles will be able to transit without interruption, and Istanbul's traffic in the city and existing Bosphorus bridges will be reduced. Thus, significant fuel savings will be ensured.
First highway will be opened to traffic
3. The 8 lane road and the 2 lane will pass through the Bosphorus Bridge at the same level. Rail system works on the bridge will be completed simultaneously as envisaged in the contract. But the bridge will be opened to railway traffic after the highway before. Rail system 3 on the European side. Airport and Halkalıto the bridge on the Anatolian side of Köseköy Sabiha Gökçen. The rail system will carry passengers from Edirne to Izmit. Atatürk Airport, Sabiha Gökçen Airport and the new 3 with rail system to be integrated with Marmaray and İstanbul Metro. The airport will also be connected.

The President of the period, Turgut Özal, 2. the publicity of the bridge was used by the car itself.
Relieve traffic
Istanbul traffic is no longer in a situation. People have recently started to talk about lunch before lunch starts. I know businessmen who don't make an appointment outside at lunch. The driver of the taxi driver I had the other day summarized the point very well: nok The number of customers in Istanbul has increased a lot in the last period. Because traffic is too much, the pirate taxis can no longer do this job. ''
Therefore, there is an expectation for highways. When the third bridge is opened, the second bridge is closed to heavy vehicle traffic such as the first bridge and the vehicles are directed there. If this happens, serious relief is provided in traffic.
Thus, a truck entering İkitelli Mahmutbey toll booths will never leave Istanbul traffic and will continue to İzmir side from the end of TEM without ever getting into Istanbul traffic. Life will force the natural. Even if the second bridge is not closed to heavy vehicle traffic, truck drivers will still prefer. Because the diesel they spend on the second bridge traffic, time is a huge burden for them. In most cities, as the customs are moved out of the city, truck drivers will no longer want to enter the city.
Let's note the note; There will be direct access from Mahmutbey in June. On the opposite bank, a connection will be made directly to TEM from Çamlık. Thus, heavy vehicles will go from Mahmutbey to Çamlık.
When the tender for the highway connection roads, which has been postponed twice and will be held this March, is completed, the North Marmara Highway project will go from Akyazı (Sakarya) to Kınalı (Edirne) via the highway connection roads.

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