First digging for Gebze Metro is on 2018

The first digging for the Gebze Metro was at 2018. Ibrahim Karaosmanoğlu, Mayor of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, visited KAISİAD in Gebze the previous day and talked to President Nasrettin Bavaş and members of the association.
Karaosmanoglu, KAISİAD through the good news to the Gebzelilere especially about the transportation il We start the Metro work in Gebze. Our goal is to hit the first dig in 2018 N.
Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu, the previous day in Gebze, Kars Ardajan Iğdır Industrialists and Businessmen's Association (KAISIAD) management visited. The Mayor of Gebze, Adnan Köşker, visited KAISİAD and welcomed KAISİAD President Nasrettin Bavaş and members of the association. President Karaosmanoğlu drinking tea with members of the association for more than 1 hours during the visit in a very sincere environment, gave great care to the Gebzelilere through KAISİAD.
In Gebze, Karaosmanoğlu said that they gave weight to transportation in particular. Ağırlık Gebze is a constantly growing hormone. Transportation is our top priority problem. We are launching the Metro in Gebze. We are going to implement the project in 2016. Our target in the subway is to shoot the first dig in 2018. Thus, we will solve the most important problem forward. The estimated cost of our metro project in Gebze will be at least 70-80 Million TL per kilometer. We will integrate metro with Marmaray. In the first place we will make 8-10 kilometers. Since it is an expensive job, the stage will be done. Pah
We got 240 BUS
Karaosmanoğlu stated that they are trying to solve the transportation problem with natural gas buses and said, t We are improving the public transportation as well as the rail system. We got a 240 gas bus. After the year he began his voyages. Natural gas buses are fully integrated into the city traffic and traffic will be more relaxed. We will increase the number of vehicles in Gebze, Darıca, Çayırova and Dilovası. Geb
KAISİAD President Nasrettin Bavaş also thanked President Karaosmanoğlu in his speech and gave information about the works of the association. Bavas said, d KAISİAD is a well established foundation. So far we have implemented many important projects. In particular, we attach great importance to education since our establishment. We have given a scholarship to our students close to 400. This year we offer scholarships to our 77 students. KAISİAD has become an exemplary institution in the Gebze region with the works it has done. K

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