Morocco Agreement with African Development Bank

Morocco agrees with the African Development Bank: According to the agreement signed with the African Development Bank on Moroccan Railways, 112,3 million dollars will be financed for use on Moroccan Railways. 27 will be financed by the agreement signed in January and will be used to build double rail between the Casablanca-Marrakech line and Settat-Marrakech, 142 km.
The aim of the project is to increase train travel and also to reduce travel time. After the completion of the project, there will be a 36 train ride on the day and the trip time will be approximately 40 min.
The African Development Bank had already signed several agreements with the Moroccan Railways. The last agreement was made in 2010. According to the agreement, the African Development Bank has financed 396 million dollars for the modernization of the road between Tangier and Casablanca-Marrakech.

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