Falakro Ski Resort

Falakro Ski Center is running: Falakro Ski Center in Drama province of Eastern Macedonia - Thrace Province started to serve.

Falakro Ski Center, which will be open on weekends, is expected to remain open until the end of March. 6 The first day of the winter day that opened its door to visitors to the door of the 200 went to XNUMX people from different regions of northern Greece.

Families have a fun time in the ski resort, while the use of lifts for the profit is not enough.

This year, a small lift for the ski slope known as the 2 baby lift and the ”Nestos track çalış is scheduled to work temporarily in Falakro. East Macedonia - Trakya State President Yorgos Pavlidis's decision to lift the lift will be free to the public.

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