Winter sports schools started by Erzurum Metropolitan

Winter Sports Schools started by Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality: Winter Sports Schools started by Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality. Sports schools in the city to discover new talents in skiing, this year aims to give 5 thousand children ski training.

The sports schools, which were started last year with the instruction of Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Sekmen, showed great interest this year as well. In the city preparing for the European Youth Winter Olympics (EYOWF), which will be held in Erzurum in 2017, the students, who adopt the motto of Mayor Sekmen about winter sports, "No one can ski", are trained by a licensed 14-person ski trainer. Ski lovers who study in schools determined in cooperation with Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality and Provincial Directorate of National Education are subjected to theoretical and practical training on all the features of the relevant sports branch. In the free ski training held in Palandöken Ski Center with the participation of 360 students in one day, new talents can join the sport of skiing. kazanbeing yelled. In the meantime, all the equipment, transportation, food and other needs of the children participating in the Winter Sports Schools, especially the ski clothes, are provided by the Metropolitan Municipality and its subsidiary Spor A.Ş. borne by.

Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Sekmen stated that new champions will be discovered in skiing within the scope of Winter Sports Schools. Chairman Sekmen said: “We are investing in the future of our city with this project, which is organized free of charge in order to popularize the sport of skiing and contribute to the sports infrastructure in Erzurum. This year, we will provide ski training to 5 thousand students at the Winter Sports Schools. In one day, we convey the theoretical and practical knowledge of the relevant sports branch to our 360 children. In the last 2 years, we have carried out almost reform-like works in all branches of sports by saying 'No one should stay in Erzurum without skiing'. We aim to make Erzurum a brand in sports with national and international organizations. In Erzurum, which is preparing for EYOWF 2017, we will hopefully train great athletes with the importance we attach to the infrastructure of sports branches in the coming years. With the support we offer to sports and athletes, I hope the Olympic, World and European champions will be brought to Erzurum. kazanwe'll go."

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