DTD's Railway Manager and Executive Candidates Training Continues

Trainings of Trainers and Executive Candidates of DTD Continues: As railroads, investments made in recent years in our country and legal regulations regarding the liberalization of railway transportation, son railway transportation ları has become one of the attractive orientation areas of the transportation sector.
In parallel with these developments, we will prepare a new training program on railway transportation to ensure the development of süre railway leştiril expertise of the executives of the esteemed Logistics and Transportation Companies and the managers of the esteemed logistics companies.
Our new training program,
1- Rail Freight Train Management,
2- Performance Criteria in Railway Transportation,
3- Use and Management of Freight Wagons, ECM
will be covered.
Training date and place: On Tuesday, February 16, 2016 in Istanbul - ByOtell
Participants will have the opportunity to develop and develop their personal relationships with expert managers in the sector on the one hand while gaining conceptual and functional cognitive gains on the components of the railroads.
Participants in the training will be given a "PARTICIPATION CERTIFICATE".
Click Here for the Training Program

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