Anonymous Heroes of Railways

railway heroes
railway heroes

Untitled Heroes of Railways.TCDD employees are working selflessly in order to prevent rail transportation due to the cold and snowy weather that is effective in Eastern Anatolia Region.

TCDD Erzurum Regional Directorate and Sarıkamış Station Directorate's snow and ice fight team work on the 5 kilometer railway line between Erzurum Kars for about 217 months with snowfall, ensuring the transportation of passengers and freight trains on time and safely.

Railway workers working in the region, where the winter conditions prevail, make great efforts to keep the railways open continuously with the snow plows on the 2 meter.

Workers working on railway tunnels where the temperature drops below zero with a snowfall and type 20 reduces the ice masses of 5 meters in places and then takes them out of the line to the wagons.

Yunus Emre Akkıran, the deputy chief of the Sarıkamış Horasan line, told the AA correspondent, that it is very important to combat snow and ice in order to ensure that the railways operate in a healthy and safe manner in the winter season.

In order not to have any difficulty in winter, Akkıran stated that the type of prevention sets, road widening and tunnel maintenance were done during the summer period. Ve We are currently doing an ice crushing operation in the Asıt Tunnel. We carry out our work with our colleagues in order to make our passengers in our last passenger train more comfortable and safe. Geçen

Ice masses are transported by wagons

Akkıran said that large ice masses were loaded to the wagons and taken to the appropriate places.

“After the snow plow on the road line, we break the ice blocks formed in the tunnels with melting snow 3 days a week. Then, the ice loaded on the wagons is taken out of the tunnel and discharged to appropriate places. We are currently working with a team of 10 people.

We are working on ice breaking on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and on Tuesday and Thursday we are taking out the ice here. Providing the transportation of trains on railways is a task that requires responsibility. These 'secret heroes of the railways', these workers are constantly working at a distance of 217 kilometers from Erzurum to Kars. We will continue to fight against snow and ice, starting from December until the end of April, day and night. ”

”Railways love business, love work“

Snow plow tool operator Birol Akdag 24 hours are ready to continue their work, he said.

Akdag said that they are doing their best to ensure that citizens arrive safely and on time to their destination, güvenli 28 has been doing this job for years. It's a business of love, a love affair. We do our best to serve people. İnsanlar

Hayati Aktas workers from 2 thousand 270 meter altitude, the 2 thousand 70 meters in the Initiation Tunnel of ice breaking work under very difficult conditions are continuing, said: For this reason, we are trying to keep the line open by doing snow and ice cleaning on the railway line until the winter season is over. Bu

Railway workers, the exhaustion of the day next to the Ashura Tunnel after eating their tea after drinking tea beats.


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