The court canceled the shopping center project to the metro station

The court canceled the shopping center project to be built at the metro station: In Mecidiyeköy, the shopping mall, which was concealed in the metro station plan, started and the situation was moved to the judiciary. The court rejected the project.
In Mecidiyeköy Storey Car Park in Fulya Neighborhood, 3 has prepared a plan for the yap Mecidiyeköy (Fulya) Metro Station and Transfer Center iy to be built in a thousand square meters area. The parcels were announced as ”metro station, transfer center Pars. Plana also added a note to the transfer center area that ğ shopping center, hotel, motel, residence Plan can be done.
The plan was taken by the members of the Republican People's Party (CHP), including Serdar Bayraktar, Mehmet Yildiz, Ozgen Nama and Hakkı Saglam. SözcüAccording to the report of Özlem Güvemli, Istanbul 9th ​​Administrative Court appointed an expert for the file. In the expert report, it was determined that the "Transfer Center" function given to the parcel was in compliance with the public interest and planning principles. In the report, it was concluded that replacing the facilities that are in the "technical infrastructure" legend in the relevant regulation and to be built for services such as electricity, air gas, drinking and utility water, and sewerage, such as shopping malls and residences are not suitable for planning and techniques.
The court examined the expert report and the reports submitted by the defendant administration and decided on the file. The court ruled that the metro area and the transfer center had a public interest, and that the cancellation was not necessary. On the other hand, in the examination made in the direction of the plan notes, it was stated that the AVM functions, which would require the use of housing or large space in the same area, which would bring burden in terms of density and traffic, did not directly match the use of the transfer center area. It was concluded that the plan notes for shopping centers and residences were not suitable for the legislation. 9. The Administrative Court decided on the annulment of the provision in the plan notes of the 25 November 2015 unanimously in the plan notes that not Shopping center and residence can be located in the transfer center area İdare. In the decision, the metro area and the transfer center function were found in place.
The lawyer Tuncer Özyavuz, a former lawyer from the Republican People's Party (CHP), who followed the case, said: şt It is a fact that the AKP has a share of the rent it provides to this capital. We can say that this is the same situation in the canceled project. The name of the plan renovation is very innocent: Metro station and transfer center. However, it is clear that the aim is to make residences and shopping malls. Fakat

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