Test Drive in China's Nanning City Metro

Test Drives in China's Nanning City Subway: The subway line in Nanning, China, was recently completed after the last checks. As of January 20, passenger transport test drives started on the 1st Line of the Nanning Metro. Nanning City 1st Line is 10,4 km long and contains 10 stations. The line is expected to be put into service towards the end of next June, after the test drives are over.
The construction of the line was started in 2011. Type B trains, even in 2014, were ordered from CSR Zhuzhou. Type B trains ordered with 870 million yuan (122,3 million Euros) will have maximum speeds of 80 km / h. The passenger capacity of trains is around 2100. There will also be passenger information screens on trains.
Another metro line in the city is expected to open in late 2016. This line will be 21,7 km long and will contain 15 units. In addition to the long-term plans made in the city 2030 252 xNUMX xNUMX units will be done until the year is specified.


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